12 Knitting Patterns That Pair Perfectly With Hand-Dyed Yarn

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Whether you’re obsessed with dyeing your own yarn or just buying hand-dyed yarn, you have probably already experimented with a lot of different patterns to see how those gorgeous colors work.

Creating Complex Colorways with Hand-Dyed Yarn

Complex colorways from Sarah Eyre’sProfessional Yarn Dyeing at Homeclass.

You probably also know that it’s difficult to predict how hand-dyed yarn will actually look. That’s especially true for variegated or speckled dyeing. The color changes all depend on the gauge, the row length, and how the yarn was dyed. But that’s the fun of hand-dyed yarn! GRAB A SKEIN OF HAND-DYED YARN AND SHOW OFF THOSE GORGEOUS COLORS WITH ONE OF THESE PATTERNS. Some of these knitting patterns use several different colors to achieve an ombré effect. However, if you’re using a hand-dyed skein, you won’t need to change colors unless you run out of yarn.

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