Double Those Yarn Strands to Finish Knitting Projects Faster

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What I should have tried instead was pulling from both the center and outside of the skein at the same time. Skeins and cakes are perfect for one-skein double-stranded projects. Just pull one strand from the center and one strand from the outside. Easy peasy.

Cats knitting pattern


Toys are already super easy to knit, and knitting these kitties with two strands at the same time cuts the knitting time in half. Knit them with three strands held together for an even quicker knit.

Shale Beach Lace Triangle Shawl knitting pattern


Here’s another great example of double-stranded lace. You can also try this pattern with fingering-weight yarn. The first few rows of the pattern are written out to help you get started, but you’ll have to rely on the chart for the remainder of the pattern.

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