How To Pick The Best Trail Running Shoes for Men

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These shoes are typically have a heel-to drop from 0mm to 6mm and they are designed to be light, fast and support natural gait, while others offer a better protection and support that most runners need for trail running.


Standard or what they call traditional trail running shoes are what you’ll have when you think of a running shoe, will added features of course like midsole rockplace, aggressive traction and water resistant upper layer add on. These shoes are typically have a heel-to drop from 6mm to 14mm.


Hoka One One Men’s Bondi 4
If we have a minimalist, we also have maximalist  these have a large amount of cushioning like the Hoka One One that introduces this trend. Other shoe manufactures follow the trend and we now have these popularity against ultra-runners.
Now that we know which and what types we belong, it is important to know that all trail running shoes are design for one purpose: to run on trails or uneven terrain. If you’re deciding the heel-toe drop in running shoes, this will depend on your preference in terms of comfort, plus your body mechanics.

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