How To Pick The Best Trail Running Shoes for Men

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Inov-8 Men’s Bare-Grip 200 Running Shoe

If we are running the same terrain, you’ll be faced with thick mud, slippery rocks, roots, logs, and other slippery objects that will slow you down. You need to have a running shoe that can tackle this kind of surfaces, and will protect you from falling, slipping. Many shoe manufacturers offers a wide array of sole material and design, many have a large arrow-like lugs, most of them are type of rubber just like your off-road bike tire.


From the time you wear a shoe, you are already modifying your natural form to stand, move or landing a stride. When you are looking for stability, always check out how to maintain your normal running from, some shoes will bend and morph on different terrain, forcing your feet to adjust during landing or push-off. Other shoes will make us require to change our stride to make sure we always have a stable form.


This is where I tend to very picky when looking for new shoes Your shoes should be as comfortable as possible, though some prefer differently because what feels comfy to me, is not the same for you. Some shoe products comes from a wide array of narrow in the heel, while some are really narrow. This is an individual preference, since we have different feet.


When testing for sensitivity, try to feel the terrain from the shoe you’re using. I do like to have a shoe with a little sensitive so I can feel the terrain, but this is your choice. Some people I know like to be connected to the ground, some wanted to have a better protection from it. Check out the Hoka One One review.

Little History of Trail Running Shoes

The very first athletic shoes that are known to trainers in the UK were called “plimsolls”, they use thick rubber soles with and a sewed upper canvas. The direct descendant of these shoes today would be the Converse All-Star. Apparently, the colored stripes on the shoes reminded the people of the plimsoll line. They are originally for beach shoes, as plimsolls gain a lot of popularity until in the early 1900’s they become mandatory equipment in school gym and also worn by Olympics athletes.

In 1940’s the creation of running shoes from different shoe companies, Keds were the most popular athletic shoes during that time in the US, Addidas from Germany and New Balance in the US added their expansion. It was until the “running boom” in the 70’s by American Frank Shorter winning a gold at the 1972 Olympic Marathon with New Zealand running coach Arthur Lydiard “inventing” and popularizing jogging and the creation by Nike of the largest cushioned heels in running shoes line.

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