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How do you keep a mountain bike running reliably? The best way is to perform regular mountain bike maintenance. Dirt and grime corrode both the frame and the components. Your frame needs to be cleaned regularly, and the components require cleaning and servicing as well.

Failing to grease and clean components can result in a noisy ride at best. At worst, parts will break or fail. Cleaning the frame will prevent grime from chipping away at the paint and finish. Routine maintenance lets you avoid unpleasant surprises on the road and replace cables and brake pads before you’re in trouble.

There are a lot of important steps, but we’ve broken down the most common maintenance routines to help you get started. From filling the tires to bleeding your brakes, this guide will help you keep your mountain bike clean and problem-free.


If you do nothing else, make sure to give your bike a weekly all-over clean and wipe down. Remove mud and other grime on the same day when possible, and do the general clean once a week if you’re riding routinely.

Make sure to use bike cleaner to avoid damaging any surfaces or the finish, and grease and lube all moving parts after washing. We’ve already made a cleaning guide for quick and thorough scrub-downs.

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