Newbie Tips : Running Everyday is Bad for You

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If you’re a newbie and wanting to get your fitness up, pretty sure you’ve done the same mistake that I did. I run every morning, everyday thinking that my cardio and time will be better. Until I found out that running everyday is really bad for you (well, not that bad :)), which is what we are going to do today.

The short answer to that is, it really depends on your body, your fitness level and your goals. Let me explain more;


The frequency of your runs varies per person as to what they wanted to achieve. It’s really important that you follow a training program that matches your fitness level, because this is what will improve your skills and it will effective to use.

running injury equation

Most experts says that running everyday is not a good idea, since you’re increasing the risk of overuse injury because of the repetitive movement of the muscle and joints. This is because running is really hard for your knees, joints, pretty sure you figure this out already

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