Top 10 Best Daily Running Shoes for You

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Brooks Glycerin 15

The Brooks Glycerin 15 is lighter than ever, a neutral road running shoe that offers premium comfort and fit. It is most commented as reliable running shoe when doing short runs or light workouts.


  • Most users like the Brooks Glycerin 15 as a comfortable running shoe
  • Most runners like the fit of the shoe and feels just right
  • Some said that the quality of the shoe and features are worth its price
  • Offers great cushioning, lightweight and highly praised by runners


  • One size smaller than the usual
  • Doesn’t offer much arch support
  • The collar of the show would rub the low ankles of the runner
  • Not durable as some runners claim, after using it for 60-70miles

Brooks Ghost 10

Brooks Ghost 10

The Brooks Ghost 10 is a neutral running shoe that can deliver comfort and performance. It is your ideal running shoe for light training, tempo runs, and everyday use.

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