Top 10 Fresh Running Destinations in the U.S.

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Every runner knows the best spots to log miles: Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills, Central Park in NYC, and along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Chicago, to name a few. But times change, and so do the running hot spots.

Runners are flocking to new places around the country, and cities continue to up their game by building new parks and trails. The following 10 not-so-well-known running destinations will help you freshen up your runs.

Big Bear Lake, California

Nestled at the base of Big Bear Mountain—one of the go-to ski resorts outside L.A.—is Big Bear Lake, which is home to a maze of 10 running trails. Short trails that follow the shoreline of the lake are perfect for beginners or for runners looking to train on flat ground. Advanced runners can branch off onto trails that carve through the forest and/or climb the mountain. But no matter which trail you choose, the scenery will keep your mind occupied. For those up for a challenge, Big Bear hosts the Kodiak 100, a 50- or 100-mile ultramarathon.

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