Top 4 Speed Training Mistakes Athletes Make in the Weight Room

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Spend half of your time training max strength and the other half working speed strength.

Mistake 3: Turning Speed Work Into Conditioning Work

Doing Gassers or repeat Sprints is not conditioning. When doing speed drills, you always need to working as close to 100 percent of your capacity as possible. How can you huff and puff your way through a drill and expect to get faster? As a good rule, rest five times longer than it takes for you to complete a speed drill. For example, if you complete a drill in five seconds, rest for 25 seconds before your next rep.

Mistake 4: Jogging

This may be the most frequently committed infraction. Distance running is not speed work. Distance running will make you slower, not faster. As a general guideline, anything longer than 100 to 125 yards is distance. If you want to get faster, why would you run slower? Distance running is completely different in all aspects. When you distance run, your run mechanics are different. Your breathing patterns are different. Your muscle firing patterns are different. Your stride pattern is different. Recovery needs are different. Lactic build up is different. If distance running was the answer, marathon runners would be the fastest, most explosive athletes on the planet.

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