Top 8 Best Running Workout to Train Your Endurance and Strength

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Running is a simple exercise, all of use can do it and most of us enjoy it, until you added different goals, workout programs and other things that makes it more complicated.

Its a no-brainier that the workouts on your training program are designed to make you stronger, faster and cover more distance than before. Most programs are straight forward and easy to work with, today we are going to show you 8 best running workout, and how to structure a training program and how to make it work for you.

1. Easy Run

Running at an easy pace will help you build endurance, proper form, base mileage and recovery. This should you be you most common practice, with 65-80% of your mileage. Easy run is also your aerobic exercise, where you body and muscles have the energy and oxygen then need.

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