Top 8 Best Running Workout to Train Your Endurance and Strength

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Most runners should run their majority for long run miles, here’s a sample work out.

  • Workout 1: 6 miles easy pace, no fluctuations in speed, hardest part will be resisting to speed up.
  • Workout 2: 45 minutes easy pace, distance doesn’t matter as long as you are running for time instead of distance, no mileage target either.

2. Tempo Run

Tempo run is difficult because it requires you to push it but comfortable enough that you can still sustain the effort. Usually 85-90% of your max heart rate.

Tempo workout helps you increase your lactate threshold, the higher your threshold is, the longer you can sustain that given pace and start building strength, speed and endurance.

  • Workout 1: Start at 40 minute easy warm up run, 5 minute interval with three minute rest and repeat three times.
  • Workout 2: Start at 90 minute run with 15 minutes tempo pace, and 8 minute recovery, repeat three times, this is good for marathon workout.
  • Workout 3: 60 minute run with 8 minutes tempo pace and a 4 minute recovery, repeat three times. If you can find a hill, include it during tempo pace.

3. Progression Workout

Progression workout is the simplest of all, basically the idea is start slow, finish fast. During the workout, you will increase the pace by starting easy and finishing hard.The progression pace will give you a complete workout using aerobic and anaerobic, without draining your body with energy.

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