Top 8 Best Running Workout to Train Your Endurance and Strength

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  • Workout 1: 15 minutes easy pace, 15 minutes comfortably hard pace, 15 minutes hard pace. This workout will increase your speed at every 15 minute increment throughout the training run.
  • Workout 2: 30 minutes comfortably easy pace, 10 minutes hard pace, 5 minutes all out. You will be maintaining the easy pace throughout the run, until the last 15 minutes where you go all out. Great for practicing will power on late race push

4. Hill Workout

Hill workout also known as speed work, because they offer more than the traditional speed workout, without having the need to run at top speed. Running uphill will help you build explosive power and will promote speed, while running downhill will help you build strength in your tendons and joints.

Both are important to be a balanced-runner, focus on your workout one at a time to get the most benefit and reduce the risk of injury. You can do hill workouts through hard, short sprints uphill or downhill.

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