Top 8 Best Running Workout to Train Your Endurance and Strength

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  • Workout 1: Short hill repeat, 8 hill sprints with light jog back down to recover, follow with 3 mile easy run. Helps you build explosive leg strength and teach you how to run shorter hills during race.

Workout 2: Sustained hill repeat, 5 half-mile hill climb on a gradual incline with easy run back down for recovery. Great for training a hilly race and helps you build endurance and strength on hills and flat surface.

5. Interval Workout

Interval workout are the most painful runs in your workout routine, this one focus to build speed and strength and working your anaerobic system, lactate threshold and will focus on shorter distance. You can also run on a track or a set of loop.

  • Workout 1: 400 meters on track with 400 meter light jog in between, try to maintain a consistent pace for each 400 meter intervals. Do eight repeats.
  • Workout 2: 800 meter track, light jog for the same amount of time you run the 800 meters in between. Also known as “marathon predictor workout”, will help you with solid speed and endurance build. Repeat 10 times.
  • Workout 3: 1000 meters with 2 minute rest periods, 800 meters with 90 second rest periods, 400 meters on track with 60 second rest periods, repeat two times. You will decrease the length of each interval, but you will increase the pace.
  • Workout 4: 1,600 meters with 120 seconds recovery in between, repeat four times. This will help you build endurance, for consistent pace for each mile.
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