Top 8 Best Running Workout to Train Your Endurance and Strength

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6. Ladder Run

Ladder run is popular form of interval workout, which makes you climb up and down or both within a short distance of 90 seconds or a 400 meter jog, its a great way to challenge yourself and mix things up.

  • Workout 1: Up and Down, 400 meters repeat twice 800 meters repeat twice, 1,600 metersĀ  repeat once, 400 meters repeat twice with a 400 meter light jog in between interval. A tough workout which will push your endurance and speed.
  • Workout 2: Down, 1,600 meters repeat twice, 1,200 meters repeat twice, 800 meters repeat twice, 400 meters repeat twice, 400 meter light jog between each interval. The lesser the distance, increase your pace.

7. Fartlek Workout

Fartlek workout is the type of speed-play routine, you will play around different speeds and distances on a single workout.

Mix fast running and slower running, varying the pace and distance for each interval. You can be flexible by picking a random street corner, car, tree or other things that you can mark on. Run the tempo pace for three minutes, followed by easy pace for four minutes and sprint for one minute. There are no rules, other than the different pace and distances that you will cover.

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