Top 8 Best Running Workout to Train Your Endurance and Strength

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  • Workout 1: 5 miles run with a final 4 miles interval, probably the most common approach to this workout.
  • Workout 2: 1 mile warm up, 3 miles four to six minutes of burst, followed by two to three minute easy pace running and a 1 mile cool down. This is a little more structured and will allow you to be flexible with defined intervals.

8. Long Run Workout

Long run workout often viewed as opportunity to go long, not fast. Instead, you should work on your late race speed, like a final push on a race day to help you toughen your mind and pushing your body when its fatigue.

A few things that you remember, do not do long run work out every week, add them to your training routine and set a comfortable distance.

You should limit your long run work out pace below the tempo pace, probably around your marathon race pace.

  • Workout 1: 1-2-3 Workout, once warmup is done, do a 1 mile marathon pace follow by 1 mile easy pace, then 2 mile marathon pace and 2 mile easy pace, 3 mile marathon, 3 mile easy. Set the intervals and structure.
  • Workout 2: Countdown long run, take the difference between your easy and race pace and divide that by the number of your current mileage run. Increase your pace by setting an increment each mile, by the end of the run you should have a steady increased pace from easy to race pace.

Now that we have listed the best running workout routines, this is how your week should look like,

Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: Tempo workout
Wednesday: Easy workout
Thursday: Track workout
Friday: Rest.
Saturday: Long run workout
Sunday: Easy workout

The schedule above includes different variations, from distance, pace and different kind of workouts. You can challenge yourself from these workouts and see how you progress and how it can help you reach your goal.

This is just a simple template for a running workout routine, pretty sure there are coaches that can help you with customized plan with complete guidance. Still, its easy to stick to simple workout especially if you are a beginner.

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