Use Your Stash: Using Knitting Yarns for Weaving

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The weft is where all those yarns that weren’t right for the warp get to shine. Something soft that comes apart if you look at it funny? Perfect for the weft, where that softness can shine. Something so hairy and sticky that you can’t get the shuttle in? Excellent for the weft, where that grabbiness can be a plus to hold everything in place.

This is the perfect application for all those novelty yarns you bought to make quick scarves with but wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot knitting needle. Ladder yarns add a nice burst of color and shine and boucle yarns weave up soft and squishy, with none of the hunting for the next stitch that comes with knitting or crocheting them. Almost any yarn can be used for the weft.


You can prepare yarn for weaving in much the same way you’d prepare them for knitting. Warping a loom involves pulling yarn out at a much faster rate than just knitting, so a center-pull cake is perfect for this. The flat bottom of a cake allows it to stay where you put it. A hand wound ball, on the other hand, has a tendency to jump and roll all over the room. If you don’t have a ball winder, you can still prevent the ball from rolling everywhere. Just place the ball in a box or drawer, closing or sealing it enough so there’s only room for a strand of yarn and the ball won’t pop out at you.

Yarn that is already packaged in center-pull skeins can be used as-is like it were a cake. As you pull yarn out of the middle of the skein, it will flatten and generally stay where it’s put.

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