Why classic MG sports cars still rule in the USA

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“MGs stir memories of youth in the Baby Boomer Generation. Baby Boomers and those older recall seeing or driving MGs, Triumphs, Sunbeams or Fiats, Alfa Romeos, Datsuns and more when they were young.

“Affordable sports cars were plentiful and desirable. Sports cars represent a carefree lifestyle.”

Clubs abound, particularly for the small, nimble sports cars of the immediate post-war era. British Cars of New Hampshire dates back to 1991, when it was set up to fill a gap for enthusiasts in northern New England.
There are also specialist dealers who sell and fix cars, such as Brit Bits, which operates out of Rye, New Hampshire. Although it is dedicated to a wide array of British cars, which are sold on behalf of owners, it is the MG in its various forms which dominates the forecourt. There are several dozen in various states of repair lined up outside the showroom alongside some rather more incongruous models, including a Morris Traveller.

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