Why Do You Feel Foot Pain After Running?

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Running can do great things in your body, but it can also bring pain into your feet. There are several foot pain after running issues that plague runners of any age today. Determining how and what causes it can help us to ease the pain and avoid any injuries in the future.

These are some running foot pain, such as fractures, stress and other related injuries that you should always check with a physician before doing any voodoo-treatment. Running with injuries usually happens when you push yourself too hard, or you don’t do any proper form while running. I’d stress this again, “Proper form plays a huge factor to avoid any injury”.

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Runners Common Foot Pain Problem

Runner’s Knee
A very common injury and has several causes. Often, it happens when your kneecap is not aligned properly since the cartilage can wear down. When this happens, you will feel pain around the kneecap when going up or down the stairs, squatting, or sitting with a bent knee.

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