Why Do You Feel Foot Pain After Running?

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Stress Fracture
A small crack in the bone that causes pain and a lot of discomfort. Typically affects runners in the shin and feet (not shin splint), most often when pushing yourself too hard before your body can adopt to the new activity. Pain will get worst when running, and can only improve with rest. Continued stress on the bone will lead to serious injury (we don’t want that).

Shin Splint
This pain happens in the front or inside of the lower leg in the shin bone. Shin splints are the most common after changing your activity, for example running long distance or increasing the frequency of your runs too quickly. If you have flat feet, you have to be careful as you’ll develop this quickly.

Treatment: Lots of rest, proper stretching before running

Achilles Tendinitis
An inflammation of Achilles tendon, a large tendon that attaches the calf muscle at the back of the heel. This causes stiffness in the are of the tendon, especially in the morning with activity. Usually causes this is a repetitive stress on the tendon, like adding too much distance to your running routine, tight calf muscles.

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