Why Do You Feel Foot Pain After Running?

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Use tape or something to wrap the affected area and use splints to support and control the swelling, until the affected area is stable.

If you sprain your ankle during your run, elevate it to reduce the swelling.

Stretching will reduce the pain and tension on the affected area, gently stretch and massage it.

Pain Relievers
Over counter pain relievers or anti-inflammatory meds such as ibuprofen will help you to relieve the pain and inflammation.

Pushing Hard
Don’t push through pain, any discomfort or pain from running means something is wrong. See your doctor asap.

Interval Running
Is what it actually means, you’ll run for three minutes, then walk for two minutes, then run again for three minutes. This helps your feet take some rest and keep your body guessing.

Mileage Plan
Don’t let your feet reach a fatigued stage, run only as much as you can handle. On other days, push yourself hard. Create a plan on how many miles you’ll run each day.

If your feet is dry, running will cause it to cracking known as heel fissures. The stress of running will make those cracks deeper, which will leads to pain and infection. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin between runs can prevent it.

Compression Socks
These compression socks will help your feet stabilize, keep the blood flowing and decrease the soreness of any injury. You can wear them after a long run or during.
Hope these will help you prevent the foot pain after running, and you will know what to do when you feel the pain on top of foot when running. Please share this with your friends, so it can help them learn what to do, and what causes these running pain issues.

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