Why Runners Should Hit the Trails More Often

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In addition, muscles that are not frequently used on the road may be engaged on the trails due to the irregular topography. Though these newly strengthened muscles may not be taxed as much during a road race, having them conditioned will provide the runner with additional energy and power stores if need be.

We can’t forget that the mental benefits of trail running are just as important as the physical. Any marathon runner will tell you that racing 26 miles is a colossal mind game. What better way to clear your mind than with fresh air and an ever-changing landscape?

Out on the trails, you’re bound to notice something different on each run, especially if you’re lucky enough to live where flora and fauna change with the seasons. The trees and wild flowers, the wildlife you may come across, and the tranquility (and safety) of zero automobile traffic make trail-running a welcome relief from road-running frustrations and boredom.

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